Topic (1): Sustainable and Renewable Energy

1—Photovoltaic and grid
2—Solar collector and exchangers
4—Biomass Energy Engineering
5—Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
6—Storage Technology
7—Hydrogen storage technology
8—Energy Chemical Engineering
9—Enegy Conversion and Power Systems Control
10—Energy and smart cities

Topic (2): Materials Sciences in Energy

1—Semiconductors and thin films for photovoltaic
2—Experimental and/or DFT methods
3—Magnetic, magnetocaloric and thermoelectric materials
4—Gas sensor-based semiconductors.
5—Solar Energy Engineering
6—Energy and Materials
7—Environmental Materials
9—New environmentally friendly nanomaterials
8—Catalytic activity of semiconductors
10—New composite environmental protection materials

Topic (3): Mechatronics in Energy

1—Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
2—Micro Mechatronics and energy
3—Engine Cooling Systems
4—Wind Energy Engineering
5—Engine Heat Transfer
6—Thermo-dynamic machines
7—Robotics in energy
8—Hydrology Engineering
9—Fluid mechanics and energy
10-Modeling energy of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Topic (4): Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence (IoT & AI) in Energy

1—Energy Security and Clean Use
2—Green Building Materials and Energy-saving Buildings
3—Plan Protection in Energy
4—Algorithms and Protocols in Energy
5—Energy and Safety
6—Information and Remote Sensing in Energy
7—Renewable Energy Models and Prediction
8—Energy-efficient Mass Data Storage and Control
9—Energy Conversion and Hybrid Energy Systems
10—Energy-aware Computing

Topic (5): Embedded System in Energy

1—Life Cycle Analysis of Energy System
2—Energy-saving Technology
3—Energy-efficient Lighting Products and Technologies
4—Energy Equipment
5—Recycling Technologies for Energy and Materials Recovery
6—Energy Planning and Assessment
7—Pollution Control Project (Water, Air, Solid for energy)
8—Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
9—Energy storage Technology
10—Smart Grid